April 10, 2013


Arriving the summer season, Ibiza is ready for its famous sunsets. Anyway for those who have visited the island in winter, I´m sure that they have been amazed at the sunsets on the winter months, even better in bad weather, where clouds and winds improve the beautiful sunsets.
These images are a good example of this. The stormy sea, the sky full of clouds and sun hiding down into the sea. This becomes a spectacular symphony of colors of clouds and raging sea.
All these images are taken in a relatively short time interval in one afternoon when sun going down. Even just as the sun has been hiding in the sea, different colors of the sky are changing in seconds.
For those who are now in Ibiza during April and May, it will be possible to watch unrepeatable sunsets, and have nothing to envy to the such famous midsummer sunsets. These ones now, are the bests sunsets of the year.

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