March 06, 2013


Dalt Vila is one of the most interesting and beautiful sites of the island and the most important. Heritage Site since 1999, is one of the most photographed places in the Balearics. Currently under restoration, the Ibiza Castle, we will gradually discover the results of a restoration, that although is not finished yet, have no liked in general at most of locals, due the wall colors. The historic building which is the former castle will be the future Parador Tourism. Anyway stroll through the area around the walls (the Renaissance walls) is a delight, especially when these great historic walls, can cover the new garish colours of the castle.
Another reason to visit this area are the views of the port of Ibiza, they were years ago a real visual treat to see the island with the Botafoch lighthouse. Nowadays the views are also nice but also can be seen the progress surrounded by concrete at the new harbor. Gradually the island gets to know the wild side of progress. In any case, the views are still quite nice and the close sea with its blue-green color gives the color note to the landscape. On one side of the stone walls on the other sea port Vila (Vila, is how the locals call to the city of Ibiza).
Reforming what (I suppose, if no other changes) will be the future parador (in a place where there is no lack precisely of tourist beds) is appearing before our eyes. A reform that may have raised controversy when was builded a floor over, and the height of the old castle, surpass the cathedral tower. Another of the "innovations" that have not liked by many "Ibicencos". In any case it is still a special place that should not be missed when visiting the island. This area seems to be that from now delight us with their varied new colors.


  1. It is so great to see it:)
    I went there in August and climbed up that hill in 40 degree heat!But it was so worth it! The view from the hill is stunning!I love Ibiza. I want to go back there. I still need to see my beloved Café Del Mar club.
    Vicente, please say Hello from me to Ibiza:)I love this island.Greetings from cold London.
    And please visit my website or find me on facebook Ania Jablonska Photography.

  2. Hi Ania I will say hello to Ibiza and visit your sites. A big hug from Ibiza and thanks for your visit to my blog.