March 26, 2011


A happy idea someone had. About Ibiza excursions in the company of these friends. They also like to walk. And at all times behaved very good behavior. Everyone enjoyed a sunny day and a walk in the woods and shores of Ibiza.
To contact them here is their website:
Nature in winter is at its zenith. Green forests, blue sea. Including carob (such as the image) and the pines were with us all around and all way.
The tour went through the north of Ibiza, the site chosen this time was the Port de Sant Miquel, and from there we went to the tower des Molar. A tower that I was lucky enough to visit for the first time and enjoy the fantastic view from there.
A country can be judged by how it treats its animals. A wise words of Mahatma Gandhi which unfortunately if we apply to Spain, we would not be in very good place in view of the bloody bullfighting spectacle made ​​up with people who claim that this is a national holiday par excellence ... But the thing does not end there, Spain traditions still pulling goats from bell towers in some parts of the national geography among other niceties. Recently however Catalonia banned bullfighting, which seemed a arrival to the third milenium times, although it is clear that it was for other reasons far to prevent animal suffering, and other traditions as cruel as the bulls were not banded, therefore it was just a very hypocritical attitude
Un país se puede juzgar por la forma en que trata a sus animales.
I must say that in Ibiza fortunately the bull fighting arena was demolished many years ago and it doesn´t exists anymore of this "fiesta".
With all this national view of suffering animals abuse it is happy to see someone having this type of initiative for dogs and people where they both can enjoy together ...
Both, perhaps in this case people more than the animals enjoy the magnificent views over the Mediterranean which gave us the Torre des Molar ... Later in another further entry will enlarge the pictures from that place and the tower.
Cala Truja became a meeting place for pets and companions, a great day to enjoy the sand and some brave dogs went to into the cold sea water for having a nice bath...but chilly as well
Like the school childs when hiking, dogs were attentive to the games, and his own enjoyment including the bravest dogs with bathing in the sea, where the ball was pull out from someone. The way back was through a path beside the sea where the island's natural lush green colors mixed with pine trees and the blue Mediterranean sea.

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