September 07, 2010



The summer comes to the end, and the days get shorter and the nights longer... Still is possible to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea that still retains an excellent temperature for bathing and enjoying to swim, also is a good time for navigation.

Still the marinas on the island are at the top of yachts and sailing boats, luxury yachts are a major lure for people walking near them as there are some of them that are truly impressive. The best yachts in the world meet on the Island sometime in the summer. There are also sailing boats, some of them luxury. Where these sailing boats dock together there is a chaos of ropes, spars and sails. The navigation of these is more sport than luxury boats.

Which one most impressive, sheltered harbor. During the day time they are visiting the famous beaches of Ibiza.
At dusk, the golden sun stains the environment, making with reflections from the sea with gold, particularly gold, which makes it more impressive the ships and all over the port.

The parade of boats continues, new boats arriving each late afternoon to fill the port where a mooring is rarely empty. Boats of different countries and different colors, competing to see which arouses more admiration from passersby.

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